Tiara Glassware

Tiara glass was an extensive range of glassware that was produced by a number of companies that used the traditional old mold. They were specifically manufactured for Tiara Exclusives, a subsidiary of the Indiana Glass Company that operated from 1970 to 1998. The Tiara Sandwich design was the center of attraction for the whole range of Tiara Glassware.

The glassware was a collection of dishes and embellishments that were an assortment of colors and designs. Most of the Tiara designs originated from the Sandwich glass designs and were patters that were a duplication of glass items that were produced during the period of the depression. In the 1920s depression glasses were a favorite for many and Tiara reestablished the enthusiasm for them in the 1970s.

While the basic color of the Tiara was amber, the company preferred to call the Tiara Glassware amber or golden amber. But the Tiara was also available for purchase in clear, in amber, in ruby, light "Chantilly" green, in teal "spruce green, in dark "bicentennial" blue and also in pale peach. The exclusive range of tiara was also made available in full sets of dinnerware glasses. Buyers could also make purchases of wall clocks, of trays, of lamps, of butter dishes and also of gravy boots that were produced in matching colors. The wine sets which were also matching contained decanters and goblets.

While the Tiara exclusives wound up in 1998, many people still look for the dishes because they are collectible items. They have been designed quite colorfully and make for quite an ornately display when they are rightly positioned in a china cabinet. People looking for the collections will find them on eBay and many other auctions that carry the glassware.

The Tiara sandwich glass is of particular interest to many. This glassware was actually the name of a specific contractor and not an item by manufacturer of the grass design ware. The original was a hand-pressed lace and floral pattern that were created in the 100s by the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company. This glass has a decorative design that is common with many types of glassware like tumblers, candy salvers, ashtrays, teacups, powder boxes, napkin holders, cake receptacles and cake servers.

The design of the motif that has a floral and coiling scroll that brings about an elevated thickness that helps with the sturdiness and opaqueness of the glassware. In some glassware, you will find the Exclusives Tiara sticker. There is quite an extensive range of the glassware including the Daisy Diane, the Celebration and the Sweet Pear.

Many antique dealers might be able to provide people looking for the glassware with information about pricing and where to find the items. Most of the Tiara collections and particularly the Tiara Sandwich Glass are generally sold online. The items are a representation of an era that's in the past but is still longingly remembered.

Tiara glass was produced at very high standards and pressed in an assortment of patterns and about 80 different pieces that were patterned variously and had a variety of colors. Specialty items were also available specifically the baskets and vases. The colonial water bottle was another type of piece that was quite attractive and was a design of high standards.

You can still find some items of the tiara glass products today in their original mint condition. Many people were generally caught up in the enthusiasm for these items and kept them in storage without using them. Finding the items can be quite satisfying because they make for very good decorative glassware.

The table lamps, the gravy boat, the Duncan and Miller type baskets and the rectangular type butter dishes are rare to come by. Nonetheless, for anyone who desires to collect these items, there is still quite a large assortment that can be found. It can be quite interesting trying to dig them out.